Wedding Reception

The wedding season in Poland lasts all year round. Many bride and groom will soon have an unforgettable and unique wedding ceremony and reception. It is worth taking care to decorate this evening in an extraordinary way.

When planning how this night will look like, it is worth taking into account the decorations, which must be in the place where the event will be organized. One of such accessories are balloons. Plastic balloons for the wedding are a great room decoration and a great addition to the photo session.

Large size, fashionable shapes and beautiful colors will allow you to conjure up an amazing decoration that will delight the guests and the bride and groom while admiring photos from the wedding session.

Balloons for the wedding and the wedding – are they still in fashion?

Balloons are a decoration for a wedding and a wedding, which we have been using for this type of celebrations practically ever since. Just a few years ago it seemed that wedding balloons will slowly start to go away.

Previous seasons, however, have shown them in a completely new, fashionable way, which makes us love balloon decorations! Girlandy balloons in a modern style, metallic foil balloons or beautiful balloons with inscriptions are quickly and very impressive decoration for your celebration.

Let’s start from scratch, that is the types of balloons

If you are wondering what kind of balloons to choose for your celebration, it is worth knowing what kinds of balloons are available on the market in general. You will find two basic types of balloons: latex balloons and foil balloons. Latex balloons are made of durable latex, thanks to which they are very durable, and after being filled with air they keep their form for up to 2 months!

The strongest ones are called strong – these are balloons made of the strongest type of latex, so they are perfect for any application: not only in the wedding hall, but also for decorating the wedding car. These balloons rarely break on their own, so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant noises during your wedding. On the other hand, foil balloons, as the name suggests, are made of metallic foil.

They come in many shapes and colours and have really different prints. The most fashionable are foil balloons in the shape of hearts, stars or inscriptions such as Love, but currently the initials of the bride and groom are also in fashion.

Pastel and metallic balloons

Among the latex balloons we distinguish two basic types – pastel and metallic balloons. These pastel balloons are shiny and do not have a characteristic metallic sheen. They usually take on light colours and pastel, unsaturated shades. They look beautiful in romantic arrangements and look wonderful at celebrations with floral leitmotifs.

Metallic balloons, on the other hand, are characterized by gloss and saturated colour. Often these are dark shades, which we recommend for celebrations in the boho style.

A relative novelty on the market are chromed balloons, which are characterized by the strongest type of shine. Currently you can order them in shades of gold, silver and rosegold, but who knows – their popularity is still growing, so new colours may appear soon 🙂

How long do balloons hold up with air and how long with helium?

All balloons available can be filled with both air and helium. How long do air-filled balloons last? After they have been carefully tied up, they lasted for up to 2 months unchanged! You do not have to be afraid that the balloons will ‘splash’ during your celebration.

These air-filled balloons will look beautiful many more days or even weeks after the ceremony, so you can also use them for a photo shoot scheduled not on your wedding day, but later.

How long do they keep helium balloons?

Due to the lightness of helium (gas lighter than air) helium balloons float. However, this effect disappears after some time – the balloon evenly loses gas from the whole surface and falls to the ground. The time of the balloon’s rise depends primarily on the tightness of the balloon. Therefore, it is very important to tie it up well. The lift time of a balloon also varies depending on the type of balloon.

Latex balloons should only be filled with helium on the day of the event. This can be done in the morning, literally a few hours before decorating the wedding hall. This effect can be extended by using special gels.

Plastic balloons float longer. So it is an ideal solution if you are planning a few days of celebration or want to give a helium-filled balloon as a gift. Depending on the shape, the foil balloons float for a week or even a month.

Balloons at the wedding – match the theme of the ceremony!

When planning, it is important to determine the theme of the event. Starting with the simplest and most universal decoration, balloons. This does not mean that they are not as impressive as other accessories. The only thing that may limit you when planning a theme is your imagination. Use it as you wish.

Maybe it’ll be single balloons with funny inscriptions that the bride and groom will hold? Or maybe a lot of helium-filled balloons that will float picturesquely in the air?

What do you fill balloons with when organizing a wedding and a wedding?

Balloons have always reigned as a beautiful and cheap decoration for weddings. You can fill them with helium or air, place them on the walls, on the ceiling or create a beautiful garland. Balloons will give your interior lightness and unique character.

You can use them whenever you want! Choose the shape and colour so that the whole decoration composition is consistent with each other. They look beautiful in the wedding hall, as a decoration of a wedding car or an addition to a photo session!

Are the balloons at the wedding a little bit cheaper? Many of us may think so when we look through the perspective of parties and weddings a few years ago, where in fact the only decorative elements were balloons.

Often at the very entrance we were greeted by a huge arch of balloons, the whole ceiling was bathed in a sea of colorful balloons and garlands were in every corner of the room. No wonder that some of them were overeating and were no longer fashionable.

How can you use the balloons at a wedding and a wedding?

The use of balloons is quite obvious to many, but there are many other ways to use them. The first practical solution is to hang photos on strings from helium-filled balloons. This is a great patent for a wedding reception!

Thanks to this we can easily decorate the room where the ceremony takes place, but also by suspending the photos in this way we can evoke many nice memories in the invited guests. Photos taken directly during the party with an Instax-type instant camera will also work very well.

Heart shaped balloons for wedding car decoration

Everyone knows that the bars are used to decorate the wedding hall, but did you know that you can make candlesticks from the balloons to decorate the wedding tables later? To make such an addition you will of course need balloons, colourful food colourings, a small candle or t-light.

To make such a candle, first fill the balloons with water, add a coloring agent of your choice and put it in the freezer for a few hours. Remember to place a candle at the top of the balloon, which you will want to display later in it.

This is important because it will make it easier for us to put the t-light in the candlestick. After taking it out of the fridge we should get a beautiful round decoration.