Wedding Inspirations

When organizing a wedding party you certainly want everything to be perfect and kept up to date with the latest trends. It should be remembered that both patterns and graphics as well as colours are evaluated by critics and fashion experts. So it is worth to decide on a wedding in this colour scheme. Do not be afraid to bet on stronger accents. In the coming season they will be the most popular ones.

Color of the year 2020 at weddings and weddings

The Pantone Colour Institute is an organisation dedicated to colour analysis. They predict the most fashionable colors for the next years, determine the latest trends and study the impact of colors on people.

Classic Blue is not so controversial in this respect and has certainly accepted most of the fashion industry. This colour is described as clear sky at dusk. We should identify it with serenity, confidence and affection. Classic Blue will prove to be a leading color at many events, especially at weddings. By selecting all wedding accessories and accessories in this color you will create an amazing and magical party, in line with the latest trends.

Dark blue style for celebrations

When arranging a wedding reception, it is worth considering the appropriate accessories in blue. Wedding dresses in this color or suits for the bride and groom look beautiful. Classic Blue is a springboard from classic navy blue, so you can create great accessories in an original style.

However, if you prefer to bet on classic solutions, you can always bet on small accessories in blue. The bride wearing colourful shoes or blue jewellery will look beautiful and will surely delight your guests. Contrary to appearances, these are not huge changes that cannot be accepted.

Invitations to the wedding classic blue

If you decide on a party with a stronger colour accent, the Classic Blue collection is worth a look at to the moon. Invitations with this motif look very elegant and chic. They are perfect for a glamour wedding.

It is worthwhile to show your guests what your theme colour will be by handing them the invitations to the party at the beginning. This is the first decorative element with which they have contact, so it is worth to think about them for a while to make sure they perfectly match the rest of the party.

The wedding invitations from to the moon collection are very elegant and modern. The white card, on which there is a deep blue full moon graphic and gold font. The whole is perfectly combined with each other and harmonizes perfectly. The card says “I love you to the moon & back”, which perfectly defines the character of the ceremony.

The whole is closed in blue envelopes with the corresponding graphics inside. This allows you to order all the necessary elements in one place, without further search. Invitations are personalised, making them more attractive and unique. The card contains your content with all the necessary information. Wedding invitations in Classic Blue give the mystery and unique, magical atmosphere to the whole party.

Wedding table decorations in Classic Blue

While creating the whole party in this most fashionable colour it is worth to take an interest in all the decorations in this colour. Decorations for the table is one of the most important elements, because it is with it that you spend most of your time during the wedding ceremony.

One of the most useful accessories are certainly vignettes for the table with the names of guests. They perfectly organize the whole event, presenting themselves beautifully. On the business cards there is a picture of the moon with the corresponding inscription and the name of the guest with the leading graphic motif.

The bride and groom increasingly often decides on a wonderful addition to the wedding ceremony in the form of a menu. Each of the guests receives a card with the data that will be served at the reception.

The loved ones will be prepared for the dishes that you have planned. Beautiful form, with the moon’s graphics fully fits in with the leading colour of your party. In the middle of the card there is the menu content and the corresponding graphics. This is a beautiful form, which will perfectly complement the other decorations.

An indispensable decorative element of every wedding are alcohol hangers. They will wonderfully decorate your bottles, giving them an elegant style. Guests will certainly appreciate your attention to detail.

The graphics on them match perfectly with other elements of the collection and zdoi the bottle. The cards are additionally decorated with a white ribbon, thanks to which you can place the card on the bottle. The whole is personalized with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the event.

Napkins are definitely an indispensable decorative element for the wedding table. Due to the solemn character of the celebration, a better option will be the interlining napkins, which are definitely more elegant and chic. They are perfect for parties organized in the restaurant.

Beautiful, deep colour of napkins collection makes them perfectly fit with other decorative elements and give character to the whole party. You can put them flat on your guests’ hats or fold them into unique shapes, put them on ribbons or rings.

Wedding room decorations in the colour of the year

Another important aspect during the wedding reception is the interior decoration. These are extremely important elements that give the character of the whole and close any decorations at the wedding reception.

One of the most common accessories is a personalized table plan. It is very often the case that the guests are located on given places, which are indicated to them by business cards. However, in order to easily find your place, a table plan will be useful.

Your loved ones will find all the information they need to get to the right place. The card has a matching graphic design and a beautiful golden font, which perfectly matches the other elements.

A poster that you can place at the entrance to the room will also be a great addition. It beautifully emphasizes the character of the ceremony and matches the rest of the decorations. The deep colouring of the classic blue harmonizes beautifully with the golden font and forms a coherent whole.

Of course, you cannot forget about the classic decorations for all kinds of parties such as balloons, decorative rosettes. By choosing the right balloons and making arrangements out of them, you will beautifully decorate the whole party.

They give a magical and knocking effect, with little effort. Adding to this beautiful decorative rosettes in the most fashionable color with the addition of gold is definitely a hit. Everything fits together perfectly and creates very elegant decorations in glamour style.

When organizing a party with Classic Blue as the leading color, it is worth considering appropriate decorations. Wonderful, deep colours will look beautiful at a wedding decorated in glamour or elegant style.

All kinds of accessories for the table, to the interior perfectly complements your ceremony. It is also worth considering the selection of gadgets and accessories that will make the party more attractive, thanks to which it will be remembered by the closest guests.