Summer wedding cakes

Summer wedding cakes

The summer wedding season is about to come, and already now many couples planning to get married during this period are thinking about choosing a cake. Summer makes its adjustments to the taste and design of the main sweetness of the celebration. That’s why there are many questions. What kind of filling will be optimal? What trends to pay attention to?

Which stuffing should you choose?

First of all, you should think about what will be made of your wedding cake. It is very important to adapt it to the seasonal features. There are two main tasks that come to the fore. The first one is to keep the delicacy fresh and delicious in the summer heat. And the second is to please the guests with an exquisite dessert, which will be pleasantly tasted in hot weather.

The cake for the summer wedding should be light in texture and delicate in taste. In summer, the human body needs something refreshing to be able to better tolerate stuffiness and sunshine. Excessive stomach weight will only exacerbate the negative effects of heat.

Here are some useful tips for you:

  • The best basis for a summer cake is an air sponge. It can be chocolate, vanilla or fruit, with impregnation of berry or cognac syrup. Thin cakes made of sand dough will also do. In fact, it all depends on your personal preferences.
  • The filling should not be too luscious. It’s better to dilute it with fruity notes, which will give the characteristic sourness. It will help balance the taste, make it more delicate. Therefore, we recommend using wild berries, slices of fruit, confitures or citrus cream as a filler. Peppermint is another secret ingredient that will freshen up the cake.
  • Biscuit cakes are a perfect match for light mousse. It can be made from caramel, which will fill the baked goods with a pleasant fragrant aroma. For a soft, refined taste, choose mousse from berries, curd or mascarpone. Also summer cake will be more airy thanks to yogurt-based cream, creamy or chocolate soufflĂ©.
  • For a summer cake to withstand long transportation and many hours of heat test, it is better to use an oil cream. It cures well, keeps in shape, is stored for up to three days and gives more guarantees that your dessert will not settle down. But there is another option with a lighter flavour and no cholesterol – it’s vegetable whipped cream.

Which design should I choose?

The main feature of a summer wedding is that it is often held outdoors. That’s why nature is a constant inspirer, giving a lot of ideas for decorating a cake. This is confirmed by current trends in the confectionery industry. On the one hand, there is still an elegant classic in fashion. But on the other hand, it is opposed by bold design solutions.

  • In the design of summer cake is better to abandon too massive and fanciful designs. Especially if they are made of natural whipped cream or cream, which quickly loses its shape. Mastic parts are more resistant to heat, they do not melt and do not disturb the decor of the festive treat.
  • The atmosphere of a summer pores is ideally transferred in style rustic. It seems to be dictated by nature itself. Decorate the cake with wild flowers, wild berries, olive branch, pine or cones. All these little accents will tie together the dessert and the surrounding scenery. However, be careful with fresh berries, which can spoil on a hot day.
  • This summer, simplicity and naturalness are in fashion. For example, a cake with “naked” cakes or a laconic corrugated finish. And the traditional groom and bride figures have been replaced by cake toppers.
  • In summer, the most appropriate is a delicate and romantic color palette. White, peach, lemon, light pink, purple, turquoise, celestial… These shades are perfect for a wedding dainty. But don’t be afraid to make bright spots as well.
  • Originality is always valued in wedding cake design. And summer dessert is no exception. Dare to go beyond standard solutions and make a choice in favor of creativity. It can be fancy shapes, asymmetrical design, unusual geometry of cakes or altogether alternative execution.

How to present it?

The cake and the entourage created around it is one of the most intriguing spectacles at the wedding reception. Summer sweet table should not be overloaded with rich draperies. Let it feel the light and cozy atmosphere of a summer evening. If you are planning a wedding in nature (in a pine forest, in a forest meadow or in the garden of a country villa), for the presentation of the cake will fit natural materials.

  • Give the main treat on a beautiful wooden stand surrounded by fresh flowers, green leaves or spruce twigs. By the way, the coating of the dessert can also be stylized as a tree bark. Ideally fit into the natural decor of tables, laid out with a path of sacking or chintz cloth with bright embroidery. But even more guests will be impressed by the cake served on a hanging stand made of wood and twine. The final touch is handmade accessories, garlands with flashlights or pictures of lovers.
  • Decorate the table on which the cake is served with fragrant wildflowers. With compositions of cornflowers, daisies and bells you will emphasize the magic of summer. Instead of vases you can use baskets or jars with fashionable handmade decoration. It is wonderful, if with summer bouquets floral applications on a dessert will echo. It’s like they’ll come alive and well.
  • You can use seasonal berries and fruits to decorate the sweet table. This idea is especially good if they are already present in the filling and cake decor. But we have already mentioned that the fresh gifts of summer can lose its attractive appearance in hot weather. Alternatively, give your favourite raspberries, blueberries and blackberries in jars.