Essential lists for wedding planning

Essential lists for wedding planning

Have you set the wedding date and are you looking for an effective way to unravel the many things to complete before the Big Day? Don’t panic! You just need to organize yourself in the right way. To help you in this “feat”, which will surely end with a big smile, we have collected the essential lists to follow for the organization of the wedding: great allies that will allow you to unload anxiety and focus attention on what really matters.

The wish list

The first to-do list is the most imaginative and fun one, it must contain everything you’ve always dreamed of for your wedding and how you’ll make it happen. What style of wedding do you like? What is your favorite color or that symbolizes your story? What are the essential elements that you would like the big day?

These and many other questions will be answered in the first list of fundamental lists to be drawn up for your wedding… without forgetting the fundamental opinion of your future groom!

The guest list

Often considered one of the most difficult lists for the wedding, that of the guests is actually a list that must be drawn up “on the spur of the moment”, and then retouched afterwards in a reasoned way by deleting the people that in your opinion are not essential on the big day.

Our advice is to draw up together with the boyfriend, after the choice of the witnesses, a list as complete as possible that can give you an idea of the number of guests, and then move on to a reduction determined also by the orientation budget that you have set.

The list of wedding venues

The first impact is sometimes the most important, so we suggest you arm yourself with a notebook and make a list of the locations you like best with the pros and cons of each one. Then, after the appropriate site visits with your future groom, you’ll have to select the best ones and then come to the final choice.

There are many things to consider in the choice of location but surely the fundamental ones you will have to take into account are: the season in which the ceremony will take place, the types of menus proposed by the restaurants and the space available according to the number of guests.

The list of wedding dresses

The password is: search. There are many types of wedding dresses but only one is the one that will make you dream at first sight and feel beautiful when you wear it.

Therefore, we suggest you to browse through as much as possible and note down the models of dresses you prefer, to arrive prepared in the atelier in the selection of dresses to try on, following the precious advice of the seamstresses who will be able to enhance your shapes and your personality.

The list of suppliers

The list of suppliers is one of the most complex because of the number of entries that will go to compose it but, if drawn up in order, it will prove to be really useful.

First of all it is necessary to mark each type of supplier you need for the wedding (photographer, florist, hairdresser, car rental, wedding favors, musicians, catering, printer, etc..) and then make a selection of favorites for each field, contacting them for quotes, until you get to the choice that best suits you.

The list of destinations for the honeymoon

Especially if you love to travel, you know that there are many places to visit and indecision often reigns supreme. So write down a list of the places you would absolutely love to see to celebrate your new life together and, to arrive at a final choice, find out about the characteristics of each place and its costs.

The wedding list

The list of lists in a wedding, the best choice to avoid receiving gifts that you will never use. To make it you can follow the traditional method by selecting a store that offers this type of service and contains products that suit your tastes or you can choose the technological method to create it online on secure sites.

If you already live together and therefore you don’t need anything for your home or for you, then our advice is to opt for the “travel list”: by contacting a specialized travel agency you can organize your honeymoon by dividing it into stages that guests can give you, according to their availability.

The list of useful documents

Marriage is the day that crowns your love and your life together as a couple but it is good to remember that it is also an act with legal value and therefore linked to the bureaucracy of the case. To avoid arriving unprepared, we suggest that you write a list that collects all the necessary documents, whether you have chosen the religious rite or the civil rite, without forgetting the question of separation or communion of property.

The list of what you must have with you on your wedding day

Last but not least, the list of everything you’ll need to have with you on your wedding day. To avoid forgetting something important due to the anxiety of the arrival of the big day, we recommend that you write a list of everything you will need, the wedding-kit. Make-up, make-up touches, spare shoes, handkerchiefs for moments of emotion, the mobile phone to capture the best moments with a personal style, etc..