Popular dress colours in wedding fashion

Popular dress colours in wedding fashion

Will you believe that once it was white that was the unusual color of a wedding dress? Although it’s hard to imagine it today, once the brides and grooms wouldn’t think of white when choosing a wedding day outfit.


Some time ago in the text “White wedding dress – do you know the story of the most popular wedding color?” I have described to you the story behind the fact that white is considered to be the most popular wedding color. I strongly encourage you to read this text, but if you haven’t already done so, I will tell you in a nutshell that white has started to reign in wedding fashion thanks to the English Queen Victoria.

In the past, white wedding dresses were chosen only by wealthy women because whitewashed materials were not only expensive but also impractical, which was particularly important for women in the lower states.

They, when planning to buy a wedding gown, were primarily considering the possibility of reusing it, because the gown after the wedding was used as a daily dress. They therefore preferred darker dress colours. On the other hand, rich maids chose colourful wedding dresses sewn from beautiful materials imported from all over the world.

After the information about the wedding dress of the English queen circulated around the world, women wanted to imitate her style. For years the wedding dress was associated with the shade of “pure” cool white, but unfortunately it does not necessarily match the women’s complexion well.

Definitely while creating collections and new dress designs I try to choose exactly those warmer shades of white, which are definitely more facial and suitable for women. However, when I mention unusual wedding dresses, I mean much bolder colours than shades from the white palette.


Before the fashion for white brides, especially the wealthy ones, reached for materials of different colors, decorations and textures. Later on, it was hard to imagine that bridal white could be replaced by any other colour, but over time, women began to reach for unconventional colours.

When the world showed her collection, which included colorful wedding dresses in colors such as intense red or black at the beginning, this caused great surprise.

Now the brides are more and more willing to reach for unusual wedding dresses, original shades and cuts, which makes me very happy because I love playing with colour and form – among my designs you could already see black wedding dresses, for example, which is a proposal for the bravest brides who want to break the wedding conventions to put on exceptionally fashionable and absolutely unconventional solutions.


When choosing the color of a wedding dress, it is worth to pay attention to how it fits with our complexion. Have you ever heard of colour analysis? It’s a division into types of beauty and its different subtypes, which attributes them to the porosity of the year and divides them, above all, into warm and cool. Definitely the most important here are the colours that we have at our creation, that is the top of our outfit.

Sometimes we think that a certain colour is not for us at all, but we simply choose unfavourable shades. In wedding fashion, cool tones of white are very popular, which do not go well with the beauty of women – beige and ecru will work much better here. Powder pink fits most women’s complexion and beautifully emphasizes the beauty, so pink wedding dresses are a perfect proposition for most women.

A collection of beautiful wedding dresses in powder pink. This unique shade falling into peach tones is extremely facial and fits perfectly to the female complexion and makes every bride look relaxed on the day of the wedding and even radiates a natural glow.

Pink wedding dresses perfectly match different types of beauty and hair colors. They are unique, romantic designs that perfectly model the figure and fit for weddings in different styles organized at any time of year.

When choosing the colour of the dress it is worth taking into account also the style of the celebration – the theme and the leading colour, but above all your own preferences.

If you dream of a romantic creation, a pink wedding dress will give your style a girly character, black will make it impossible for anyone to take their eyes off you and definitely break the wedding patterns, but if you dream of a slightly more classic solution, put on shades of white matching your type of beauty. The most important thing is to make you feel that the color of your wedding dress fits you.