Wedding French: Best ideas for fashionable brides

Wedding French: Best ideas for fashionable brides

Each bride strives to look perfect on her main day. On your wedding day, every detail is very important. In addition to the choice of hairstyle and dress, wedding manicure is very important, because it is hands decorated with wedding rings, become an object of increased attention.

Wedding jacket confidently takes the leading steps in the list of the most popular manicure designs for festive occasions. Skillful combination of shades in the light pastel range automatically causes association with something tender and innocent, as the bride in her outfit.

However, modern trendsetters regularly introduce novelties to the usual stereotypes, bringing more and more bright accessories and eye-catching details to the wedding ceremony. Manicure is chosen taking into account the general theme of the wedding and taking into account the colors of the room. Wedding manicure in the same color scheme as the bride’s bouquet will look very harmonious.

Actual design of the wedding jacket

Traditional and popular manicure for weddings remains classic French manicure. Choosing this type of manicure for a wedding is a successful and versatile option in every respect. Any fashionista knows that the French jacket is one of the fashion trends for many years. In order not to worry about the integrity of manicure, it is better to give preference to manicure made gel – varnish.

It looks great on nails of any length and shape. Today in the fashion world there are many ways to decorate and diversify the classic French jacket. With this practical manicure you can safely return to work or go on a wedding trip. Tidy and exquisite manicure will suit the taste of any age category of your guests. In the new fashion version of manicure masters offer the actual idea of the season.

Wedding jacket with drawings: The most beautiful options

Beautiful and gentle manicure of the bride in light pastel and body tones will always be in trend. If you want to add a note of uniqueness, add drawings and print to the design. Beautiful lace pattern, tuxedos, hearts, dots and lines will make your manicure more beautiful and original. Delicate and airy flowers will bring lightness and romance to the bride’s image. Openwork patterns of lace will add a touch of originality.

Wedding manicure with rhinestones – a trend of all time will always look winning nail – art with rhinestones. Sparkling stone Swarovski will look perfect on a finger with a ring. It should be noted that the gap between the stones will be slightly noticeable.

We recommend that you fill it with glitter as a substrate. The sparkle of the stones in this version will be even brighter. Many masters lay out geometrical patterns and drawings from crystals. Stones in such execution can be the different size. Wedding jacket with rhinestones is a fashionable trend in any season.

Long fingernail wedding jacket

Owners of long nails, choosing manicure, should prefer brevity and simplicity. Drawings and stones should be moderate and look natural. Masters recommend to highlight one or two nails. An asymmetrical jacket will look effective on such length. It looks beautiful lace on the back of the jacket and just in the classic version.

Lace motifs are placed instead of a smile, at the base of the nail, side or center. Geometry is more often applied to the base of the nail. Kayma or parallel stripes are moved to the tip.

Wedding spicy jacket: Original ideas

Pointy nails will complement the bride’s image perfectly. Strips of jacket in such variations will be located low. The smile line will remain overestimated at the sides, which will give the nail a more elongated shape. Fingers will lengthen visually and look more elegant. The popular colour among pastel coatings is light – pink.

Its ability to blend perfectly with any dress breaks all records. It is not prohibited to use other shades as well. It is possible to use a rubbing or to decorate the jacket with rhinestones. Lace elements will also serve as a perfect decoration for this nail shape. However, it should be noted that these forms are required to be at least two lengths. Thus, the manicure will look very harmonious.

Short Nail Wedding French: Practical and natural design

Short fingernails always look neat and presentable. A competent master will easily find you an original wedding jacket. You can apply a monochrome coating and leave them in natural, nude colors. For visual extension of the nail plate you can highlight the base of the hole with metal elements, such as sequins and rhinestones, or add vertical stripes. Unobtrusive lace patterns and small patterns will complement your neat manicure and add harmony.

Square wedding jacket

White – pink jacket looks perfect on a square nail shape, even without the use of decorative elements. Shortened length will only accentuate the elegance of your hands. The square shape is a winning variant of sawing the nail plate as a base for the French jacket. Execution in gel or painting variants, modeling elements or the use of other types of design, in any form, the square wedding jacket will be relevant.